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Hello to all iss readers, my name is sameer, or in short Sam. I am narrating my life’s first experience with a lonely lady of my locality. Let me introduce myself, I had told u my name and I am presently 30 years of age well built and working in a mnc in kolkata. By mother tongue I am Bengali. The lady (name withheld) or you can say the fuck of my life as I call it so is of 37 years of age, her hubby is in merchant navy and she’s having a kid of 7 years of age who is now in boarding at Darjeeling. About her statistics she is a sex goddess and I bet anyone can piss in their pants after just seeing her; she is 34-27-36. Her buttocks are very firm than her breast. This all happened three years back, actually we are in Karnataka as my father was working there as a revenue officer of central govt. After my father’s retirement we moved to kolkata (alipur) as it is our home town and simultaneously I got job here after my be. So now the real action begins, when we reached kolkata be bought a flat in new alipur and opposite to our flat the heroine of my story used to live. Our flats are situated on two sides of a street my balcony is facing hers as both the flats are designed by same builder they are more or less same. When we came here , after two three days first time I saw her and just taken aback by seeing her beauty, first I thought that she is single but after few days I came to know that she is married to a rich navy person. Life was going as usual, I don’t have any intention about her at that time also I was just admire her beauty. One day I saw a unusual thing my parents were not at home that time I was just roaming in my balcony , I just saw that she is changing her clothes , then I thought that is a chance to see a naked lady . I hide myself behind the curtains she was wearing pink cotton nighty, it was about 10 past nine in the night. She dropped her gown and now she was in her black bra and panty and then she opened her bra by that time my junior was in my hand and I was stoking it vigorously, then she removed her panty also and wore a almost transparent gown, in this span of time I took out my sperm in just these five min of this time and believe me I never had this much fall before. From that day onwards I just waited for the 9 o’clock bell, and I hide myself behind the curtains. But with in few days I noticed one thing that whenever my parents are in home she was not any scene. Then I decided to check the thing. I purposely roam in my house with just my undies on , and I had noticed that I pair of eyes were gazing at me, now I came to know that she was purposely showing me off . Then one day I decided to make a move , I just put my shorts on and just went to balcony and then returned back to my room and stayed there for sometime and secretly watched her she was desperately looking for me and thus she came out to her balcony and at the same time I rushed to my balcony and we are face to face now she just blushed and gave me a wink and asked me to come down stairs , this is the first time I spoke to her, I went hurriedly down stairs and from her gate she threw a piece of paper on me. It was her cell no. Then immediately I ringed her as my parents were not in home at that time, we talked for a long time she told me that she was secretly looking at me for long time she liked my body and asked me that can we have dinner together. I agreed and we fixed a time after two days. I applied for a leave and told my parents that I am going to my friends place and left home in the morning , and in the evening I returned to my locality silently so that my mother and father wouldn’t notice me and just slipped in her house as previously I had asked her to open the door. She had already prepared her self for the dinner, she was looking gorgeous at that time with a pink siffon saree with sleeveless deep cut blouse. She wore saree below her navel which makes her looks sexier. I told her u r looking very sexy, she just smiled and asked me to have dinner we had our dinner and then I asked her what’s the plan, she replied “you are asking a lonely lady about her plans” and laughed, I asked her to wear the sexiest garment she had, she jumped with joy and asked me to wait for few min. After 15 min a sex goddess was in front of me she was wearing transparent lingerie with a net panty and a bra which is just covering her nipples. With out wasting any time I grabbed her and planted a smooch on her juicy lips she responded with full pleasure we kissed for approx five min. Then I removed my shirt and pant and removed her lingerie also. She was having a clean shaved pussy , I told her ur pussy is incredible , she simply replied that I shaved that today only coz she knew that this thing will going to happen. I started to squeeze her boobs and she started to moan ahhh ahhh……… ahhhh oooooooo hhh ufffffffff which is making me more and more horny then after squeezing boobs I turned to her cunt she was telling me that she had her periods last week and she is now very hungry . I took her to her bedroom and make her lie on her back with tummy upside and parted her legs and inserted my tongue in side her cunt on first touch she gave a terrific jerk and a loud moan aaahhhhhh………aaaaaaaaa and the slowly I started to lick her cunt she kept moaning aaah…ooohhh…. Plssssssssss saammmmm do it fast plsssssss I can’t bear it anymore, and then after 10 min she collapsed with huge orgasm in my mouth , and I drank all that , she smiled and said “ this orgasm I had stored for last 8 months and laughed . After 10 min she told me that u had drink my orgasm let me taste urs too and asked me to stand and she put my penis in her mouth and started to lick it, she was an expert I can say, I was in the seventh heaven by that time with in 10 min I cummed in her mouth she took every drop in her mouth. We rested for ten min the n she asked me to do , by that time I regained my hardness I made her laid he ran her bed and put a pillow behind her and inserted my seven inches tool in her cunt she cried loudly aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ………..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh pllllllllssssssssssssss sammmmm nooooooooooooo I’ll die I’ll die plsssssssss. I was surprised to see this a mother of a kid still had a tight pussy I forced my tool inside her she again cried loudly but slowly she started to enjoy the rhythm of the sex song which we are singing we had sex for about twenty min then we laid there naked hugging and kissing each other , she told me that her hubby never gave such a pleasure to her she was dying to have this type of sex encounter and after few min we had another round , thus we fucked that night three times . In the morning at 4 o’clock I left her home and went to a park nearby so that I can prove that I was with my friend all the night and returned to my house at six she was in her balcony and we pretended as nothing happened and we didn’t know each other. We were still enjoying these dirty games when ever we get time till last month, when her hubby came back to kolkata and the bad news is that they were permanently moving to London by next month, thus I think sex never wait for anybody like time and tide. So this is what happened with me. Hope you all liked my story. Please offer your comments at Girls, ladies widows & divorcees of any age from any where in India and specially from west Bengal , kolkata, howrah hooghly, burdwan, asansol etc, are welcome for friendship and exchange erotic (sexy) mail and can contact me. My sincere request to all is, if any one is interested to have sex, then please contact me and I shall have it in a safe manner. Broadminded decent female/widow/girls are requested to write me with their details to make the life more and more pleasurable: secrecy is assured and expected. also divorcee/widow/separated/girls wanna chat can chat with me with this id only i.e. kolkata_dick. Bye and enjoy reading. Add/View Comments (0)
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