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This story is about my wife - Rani. She is extremely beautiful, i mean having perfect figure of 36 32 and 38. I love her bumps. We are married for the last 4 years and don't have any kid till now. We are planning to have one child but to continue sex adventure, we always postpone our planes. Let come to the story, We are staying in Hyderabad on rent at 2nd floor. On first and 3rd floor there are some Negros students which are staying and completing their studies. All are 6 feet plus heights and having muscular bodies. I don't know after reading wife gangbang stories always fantasies to try this with my wife, but my wife was no so open that we can discuss this matter openly. One night while doing sex I told her let assume someone else having big cock is fucking you , initially she dislike this but later on she smiled. It was a kind of green signal to me. I was very excited and she too enjoyed this imagination and we had a wild sex during that night. Now it becomes our fantasy to imagine that she is getting fucked by someone else may be 2 or 3 at once. One night I suggest her about the Negros and make her think like 2 Negros are fucking her in both holes, she enjoyed it a lot. I told her why can we make it true, she told no, it is fine that we are imagining about that but I love you very much and I don't want to be fucked by some else other than you in reality. I convince her that it is fine, I really want to watch you that someone else is fucking you. At last she got convinced and agrees to have sex only for me and only one time. I was very happy and excited to see my lovely wife getting fucked hard by 2 Negros having huge cocks. As all Negros were student and they use to say us hi while meeting each others. One day I called one of them and invite them for bossing party at one bar come restaurant. I told all of them to come and have fun. They all come at time and we all started to drink, when I have seen that they had some 2 or 4 bears then I started to ask about their girl friends and then move the topic on sex. They told yes they had sex here and they like Indian girls. I also asked them about group sex then they tell yes one day they all fucked one call girl at the room. One of them questions me that do you also want to have fun like us? they ask me do I like to have fun in group sex. I answered yes I want to have group sex. They told me don't worry we will have call girl then I can come and fuck her. I smiled and tell them I have some other plan too. I told them if you don't mind then I want to have group sex with my wife. They all were first surprised and agree to have fun. They were 3 and we decided to do it one coming Friday night. After coming to home, I told everything to my wife, she was very excited and a bit nervous too. I told her don't worry I will be there and they all are good guys and we all will really enjoyed. It was a Friday and doorbell ranged at 8 PM. I opened the door and invite them with a smile. They all sit on my sofa and my wife come with bear and other drinks. My wife was sitting next to me and all 3 guys were on sofa of 3 chair and seeing my wife from hair to toe, I can feel this my their eyes movements. My wife was wearing a knee skirt and sleeve less top which was showing the perfect shape of her tits. They all were having drinks and all were chatting with my wife. I just moved from there to give some start , may be my wife was hesitating due to my presence. I went to the kitchen and start watching from kitchen. One of them took hand of my wife and pulled her between them. Two of them put hands of her tits and start ramming them, one guy put his lips on my wife life and start licking her lips. Then they all start making my wife nude and after few mints my wife was nude and clean pussy in front of 3 guys other than me. I was too excited to see this. They all also become nude and drop their underwear's. My God, all 3 were having 9 inch cock and having 4 inch thick and all cocks were dark black. They told me wife to lay down on sofa and all 3 started licking my wife. One of them was smooching her, one was crashing her boobs and 3rd one was going to lick her juicy and clean shave pussy. I can see that my wife was having eyes closed and start moaning, they all were going to eat her today. now the one who was smooching her take his large 9 inch dick and put this into my wife mouth, it was really very difficult for my wife to adjust this monster into her mouth but she was doing it like a perfect bitch, i think she was also enjoying this moment like anything. Second guy who was licking her tits was also ready with his monster and start fucking her mouth with 1st one. 3rd guy was ready with his monster and applied some pussy juice and try to insert her cock into her pussy, it was just 3 inch in and my wife was going to cry, then one of them put his hand on her mouth and other second with his full erect cock insert into my wife pussy and I can see his 9 inch monster was inside her. I can she her in pain but once her start his pumping her face was smiling. She was behaving like a call girl and her pussy was pumped by all 3 one by one, I can see her pussy hole was now increased and it became a BHOSDA. Then one of them tell her to lay on her stomach, i think now they were planning to fuck her ass, but she never did with me but today i think she was enjoying this fuck and agree and change her position. One of them took oil and applied on her cock and as well as on her ass hole. Now what I was seeing is that a 9 inch monster  is going to enter a virgin ass hole, as he start to pushing it inside my wife was about to jump but all of them hold her in the same position and insert their cock one by one and now her ass hole is also become like pussy hole. They fucked her 3 times in all 3 holes. after that my wife was laying on sofa she too got exhausted , they all wear their cloths and went after saying thanks to me , after them I also fucked her pussy and ass hole and lay down there with her. Now we used to have fun together and enjoying our sex life perfectly. Add/View Comments (1)
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