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My name is Seenu, my wife is Mangai and for the past 3 days my elderly mother in law has stayed with us while my wife is away for a week visiting her sister interstate, her name is Mala, she is 48 Years old, she has a nice body, no movie star just a plain figure but she is not a barrel or a bubble either. I have always been a boob man and hers are a nice size, and have often tried to see down her top or in her blouse to catch a glimpse of cleavage, on the odd occasion she has caught me and given me a little cheeky look. At every opportunity I walk around naked and often my mother in law has seen me, I have seen her look down at my cock as we brushed past each other to and from the bathroom. Knowing that she has seen me has makes me quite horny I then go to the bedroom and jerk off even leaving the door open hoping she would see me and watch me cum all over myself. One morning I got up and headed to the shower, naked, knowing that my mother in law would see me walking down the passage to the shower and on the walk back, she usually gets up and has a shower after me. On this particular morning I had taken a little longer than usual in the shower, while I was standing at the sink cleaning my teeth I was feeling extra horny, so when finished and rinsed my mouth out, I wet my hands and slowly started stroking my cock while looking in the mirror, I was dreaming about Rita doing that for me, feeling her mature soft hands slowly rubbing my cock, I was starting to get really horny by now, I reached out with my right hand and just ran the soap through my fingers so they were really slick, I then turned around and leant against the sink and carried on stroking my cock with my now wet slippery hand, closing my eyes and hoping that Mala would see me, I was getting really hot when I heard and felt someone enter the bathroom, opening my eyes I saw Mala standing there, looking at me. "Sorry," she said, "I thought you had finished, I’ll come back," but as she was saying this I could she was watching my hand sliding up and down my now slick cock. Before she could turn around I said, "Its ok you don't have to go". She hesitated, "please", I said looking at her, and she closed the door and turned to look at me, I continued jerking off in front of my mother in law... "You like being watched don't you"? She asked, "Yes Mala I do" I replied stroking faster, "I thought so", she said with a slight smile, "and you want me to watch you wank off don't you?" "Oh god yes," I gasped getting closer to cumming, While I was jerking off I noticed her right hand rise up and brush her left tit as she put her hand up to her mouth. "And I suppose you have thought about me doing that for you to have you?" "OH YES," I yelled unable to contain myself, "I am cumming," I panted. "Ooh cum for me Seenu, let me see you spurt your cum," she gasped. "Oh Mala," I almost shouted, " watch me cum for you," I shuddered as I came, the first spurt was quite strong and landed on her foot, the next landed in front of her and as my orgasm diminished so did the spurts till it was running down my hand. My MIL smiled and asked, "Was that nice, was it what you expected?" "It certainly was," I replied panting, "and more," I smiled and walked past her to get some paper towels to clean the floor. When I came back she was leaning against the sink, and watched as I wiped my cum off the floor, it was still a turn on knowing she was watching me while I was still naked kneeling down wiping the floor. As I reached out to clean the cum off her foot she said "that's ok hon I am going to have a shower I’ll do that," I stood up and turned to leave so Mala could have her shower, when she stunned me by saying, "You know what Seenu, I’ll think I’ll come for my shower a little earlier tomorrow," and gave me a sexy smile. Just before I closed the door I turned back to look at her just as she was reaching for the tie of her robe, she winked at me... Roll on 6.30 tomorrow morning... To be continued… Comments and Feed back to Please. Add/View Comments (0)
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