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Dear ISS readers.. My name is Sumit from Kolkata. I am 31 yrs old. My height is 5’ 3” working in a PVT firm. Please do respond and encourage me for more stories... Once I was alone at my home in day time. The bell rang; I opened the door without seeing from the eye-glass. I was wearing nothing but a skin tight Bermuda with bare chest. There I saw a nice sales girl with some ladies under garment products. She looked beautiful with a friendly smile in her face. As I love nice girls gave a smile and said hi. She told her new company name and they are promoting ladies under garments door to door. She enquired me about any ladies in the home. I planned immediately to take a chance of the situation. I told her nobody was here except me, but I want to buy one set of bra and panty for my friend, if u dont mind. In the beginning she has shown some hesitation, but I managed to get her inside and offered some cold water from fridge. On the TV cute models were showing their flesh in fashion TV. Now she got relaxed completely at my sofa and enquired about the size of my friend. I told immediately that it’s the same size as yours, pointing my finger to her huge breasts. Her figure was 36-28-36. She gave me a mischief smile and turned down get one piece, at that time I got a glimpse of her cute valley and my organ began to hard. I was not satisfied with that panty and she then tried me to show many of them. Suddenly the show on TV was about bikini, and I enquired whether you have such bikinis. In the mean time suddenly her hand touched my organ accidentally; she had a curious look at my bulging organ. Now she got almost tired, showing each and every piece she had. She again gave a curious look at my lund and asked what type of bra you want ? I gave a look towards her huge breast and told the black bra which she wore was quite good, as it was clearly visible from the white cotton Kameez. Now she completely understood my intention and she enjoy the situation. She told she wore it twice, but I told I don’t mind buying it. She suddenly turned her back to me, told me to unhook her Kameez. Her tits were big and very good in shape and one would like to rub their tool in between. My hard rock lund was touching her soft tits. The feeling was great. I slowly unhooked her kameez and started to lift up, in the mean time she dropped down her Salwar. Now she was standing in her bra and panty showing her cute back beauty. She is fair enough and stunning. I turned her front and I was stunned to see her huge boobs. The pink colour niple was clearly visible from her thin lace bra. I told you have got a good figure yaar and you can go for modeling under garments, as one of my friends is running a modeling agency. She told she is very much interested in modeling. I promised her to give a good break to her. Now she dropped her bra, showing her cute huge boobs and turned down to remove her panty. In the process her head touched my hard rock lund. Now I loss my control totally and lifted her head with my hand, her face was so close to mine, she was breathing heavily. Suddenly I started kissing her juicy lips and squeezed her soft melons, she was moaning in pleasure, ooh.. Aah... Oh dear jor se dabana... Jor se... Aur jor se... Her sexy voice made me horny. I rolled my hands all over her body especially over gaand and squeezed them. I moved my hand inside her panty, I felt fresh juice there. I removed her panty with my teeth and started gulping her juice. I rolled my tongue inside her chut. She cried in pleasure. Now she took my organ in her mouth and did a good blow job. Now its grown over 5'5”. She said arey yaar tumara lund tho ek dum tyar hai.. Meri chut ke under jaane ke liye... I tried to insert my lund in her chut and I found it was very tight, I applied some vaseline there and inserted fully. She was crying loudly in pleasure, I gave mind-blowing strikes and made come deep inside her. Now she was lying behind me with complete satisfaction. Then we took bath together under shower, it was a fine experience! I applied liquid soap all over her body. She also applied soap to my organ. It became hard again. I fucked her there also. Then I offered her Veg. Sandwich and hot Coffee. After that again I enjoy sex with her, but this time I inserted my lund in her ass hole. It was so tight too. She was enjoying each and every minute. I inserted my one finger first, then two fingers. She was horny and moaning. Ooh ! Ooh ! Aah ! Aah ! She cried. Do it fast yaar... In the meantime I was showing her some good doggy style videos in my computer. It made her too horny. Then we went to 69 position and had fun. Add/View Comments (0)
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Hot sexy girls! CLICK HERE!
Hot sexy girls! CLICK HERE!

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