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Hi friends, My name is Travis (name changed). I am regular reader of ISS stories and enjoy very much reading those experiences. Well i would also like to share one of the sex experiences i had in the recent past with my neighbor aunt who is a widow. And please excuse me if there are any spelling mistakes. Well let me tell me something about myself (nature). I am guy who likes to live the life his own way. I had loads of GF's in my past and had a sexual relation with them as well. However I always had an urge to fuck an Indian aunty or any married lady. I shifted my house two years back to a posh colony in new Delhi. There is an aunt who stays just next to my new house. Her name is Kamini (name changed). She is a south Indian and is a widow. Her husband expired 5 years back and is living with her son who studies in the school. Since the day I have shifted there i had an urge to fuck her hard and my notorious mind started working a plan for the same. As time passed by our families came closer to each other and we used to hang around in each other houses quite often. She used to ask me to get her stuff from the market and even help her with the house hold stuff. She would share everything with me and we were comfortable talking to each other. I used to call her my girlfriend and she used to give me that notorious smile. I started planning more to fuck her. I started hugging her in a friendly manner, would press her boobs and act as if I have not done it intentionally or would make her feel my dick when ever i used to hug her from the back. She never said anything when I did all those activities. One fine evening, my parents had gone to my relatives place and were supposed to return by night. I came from office and knew my parents are not there and went to her house. She was sitting in her bedroom and looked disappointed. I asked her the reason and there were tears in her eyes. I placed the hand on her thigh just to show my sympathy towards her concern, but her body heat was so hot that I could not keep my hand there for long as i started to have an erection. She was telling me about her concern and was crying, Now I thought was the time to take a chance. I hugged her and said nothing to worry for when i am there, even if uncle is not there. I would do anything to keep her happy. She felt a little bit comfortable. I started rubbing my finger against her ear slowly and slowly. I told her not to get disappointed as she is still young (she is 40 years old) and has life to live. She had a diff look in her eyes upon listening to this and asked me : am I still young"? i said yes. Then she again asked me "do you find me young"? I again said yes with an erotic tone. i was rubbing her ear continuously in the mean time and could feel her body heat. Suddenly the light went off and there was pitch dark in the room. i wanted to get a candle from the kitchen and as I stood up, my foot slipped and i fell on the bed with my mouth on her boobs. I just laid there for few seconds in acting as if I have been hurt and i also bit her boobs and she moaned which was very low, but i could hear that. I knew she was getting hot. When she asked where I got hurt, I told her my thigh is paining badly as I hit the corner of the bed. She asked me to remove my jeans as she would apply some ointment there. I resisted but she forced me and I removed my jeans and lay on the bed. I had an erection already. She started rubbing the ointment on my thigh in a very sex manner. She would moan a bit and often touch my cock. It was getting rack hard as every second passed. She was controlling her best but as she did not had sex from the last 5 years; she suddenly placed the hand on my cock and pressed it. She removed my underwear and started massaging my cock. she sucked it and drank all the liquid from my cock. She sucked it for nearly ten minutes and told her that i am about to cum. and she told me to cum in her mouth. She drank all the cum like a hungry dog eating a bone. Then i removed my clothes and also undressed her. I could feel her lovely boobs; round and nipples were rock hard. I rubbed her pussy which was all wet and she had thick hair. I started fingering her pussy and biting her nipples. Soon she had her first orgasms. Then I climbed her on and inserted my 8" inch rod into her pussy. She screamed as her pussy was very tight due to lack of sex, however after 5 pushes it was in completely, i gave her some really hard blows which even my previous GF's have appreciated me for. Then i fucked in various positions for nearly an hour. I finally cummed inside her pussy and lay down in her lap. Since that day this has been continuing and i fuck her whenever we get the chance bathing, alone at home, going to the market in the car. She has introduced me to one of her friends whose husband is in the Indian army and stays away most of the time..... I would share that experience later with you all. I really need a feedback from Females (specially ladies) about the story. I believe "if you want some, come get some". My email id is Add/View Comments (0)
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